Bawnboy Road & Templeport Railway Station

Bawnboy Road & Templeport Railway Station

This station was built in 187 on the Cavan and Leitrim narrow gauge Railway line which connected the Great Northern Railway Line at Beltrubet with the Dublin Sligo line in Dromod.

The line closed in 1959 and the station was rebuilt as a community centre in 2000.

A picture-story of trains is available to view here.

Holy Trinity (Barn) Church

Holy Trinity (Barn) Church

This church stands about 2km from Bawnboy. It is a rare example of a barn church.

The long narrow plan is most unusual with the Altar on the rear wall and the congregation – men on one side (south) and women the other (north), facing each other.

The austerity of Kildoagh, combined with its date, 1776 and the fact that almost nothing had been altered since it was built makes it of great importance. There are two pointed door cases and four pointed windows on the front and four pointed windows on the rear wall.

The walls are built of rubble stone and rendered with lime plaster. The pointed windows with much of their original glass have good timber tracery and chamfered dressings of finely cut limestone. The door cases also have chamfered limestone dressings. Over the altar is a wooden crucifix, which is quiet rare and could well date from the early 19th century. A great rarity, certainly one of the finest barn churches surviving in Ireland and as such is of international importance.

The Bawn

The Bawn

The Bawn Located just outside Bawnboy village.

This was an Ulster Plantation Fort, possibly built on the site of an old Magauran stronghold probably around 1610/15.

The place name Bawnboy derives from the Irish, An Bábhún Buí

– The Yellow Bawn Buí (boy) meaning yellow, received its name from the colour of the sand used in the building of the Bawn.

St Mogue’s Island

St Mogue’s Island

St Mogue’s Island, BawnboyThis is reputedly the birth place of St Mogue (St Aiden) a noted early Irish saint.

It contains early Christian monastic ruins and a graveyard. The island features largely in local tradition and folklore.

It entered the realms of modern folklore in 1943 with the crash of an RAF Beaufighter plane.

The beautiful legend of St Mogue’s birth is well preserved in the parish of Templeport.

World War One Trench Experience at the Museum

Cavan County Museum is now home to the largest outdoor replica trench open to the public.

The Trench is becoming a must-see attraction for visitors since it opened in August 2014.

It includes sound and visual effects to enhance the experience and educate visitors on life in the trenches in World War One.