Glenview Folk Museum

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The Glenview Folk Museum is located just outside Ballinamore in Co. Leitrim and is owned and ran by the Kennedy Family.

The Museum was set up in the year 2000 as it was identified that Ireland was losing its heritage and true identity. The Kennedys recognised the importance of preserving the past for the future.

The Museum has a private indoor collection of more than 7,000 antique, historical and novel items ranging from pre – Famine Ireland to the recent past. There is also an impressive array of farm yard equipment, a collection of horse drawn agricultural machinery and a thresher.

The tools and all equipment on display show the skill and ingenuity of the designers and builders of early industrial and farming equipment.

The ‘street scene’ has a number of reconstructed shops and a pub, all of them stocked with an assortment of products and equipped as they would have been in the past.

The Glenview Collection includes a fully restored travelling shop and an extensive array of household equipment and furniture, as well as noteworthy coins, paper, medals and military regalia.