St Peter’s Church A fifteen century Vatican document records the presence of a Church on this site.

The building as ceded to the established (Anglican) Church in 1594. The fine neo-gothic Church that stands there now was rebuilt in 1815.

St Mogue is credited in his time with building the fine Church on Inch Island (St Mogue’s Island).

A roman document of 1416 shows that there is still a church on the island although by this time a new church has been built on the mainland. The new church Templeport, was sequestered in 1590 and handed over to the state of King James 1 in 1609.

Since then it has been the property of the Church of Ireland. It has been renovated at least twice and had a particularly extensive upgrading or rebuilding in 1815 at a cost of £1500 which was a huge sum in those times.

It is now called St Peter’s Church. The parish of Templeport derives its name from this site, Teampall a “Phoirt (the Church on the bank).