Trails in the Cava

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We have some amazing n Burren Park

trails at Cavan Burren Park – in fact we have over 10km of trails in total from accessible trails to bog bridge trails over limestone bedrock and past some of the finest prehistoric features in Ireland.

The longer distance walking route – The Cavan Way also runs through Cavan Burren Park. This is a 26km walking trail from the village of Dowra to the village of Blacklion in West Cavan and is a must for the walking enthusiast.

Trails within the park include the Calf House Dolmen Trail, the Giant’s Leap Trail, the Promontory Fort Trail and the Tullygobban Lough Trail. Each boasts its own features of interest from biodiversity and archaeology to 360° views and treasure hunts.

Includes bog bridge steps and gravel path surface and guides the visitor through the tranquil Lost Valley past a promontory fort. Fantastic views across the surrounding landscape.